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Thanks for visiting! My name is Sally Salopek. I hope I can be of service to you. I am the owner / operator of Attend-A-Pet.

Attend-A-Pet is a professional pet sitting and dog walking service focused on providing high-quality pet care and customer satisfaction in Northern Door County, Wisconsin. This includes Baileys Harbor, Ellison Bay, Ephraim, Fish Creek, Gills Rock and Sister Bay. I am reliable, trustworthy and always there for your beloved pet(s).

Your pets will stay in the comfort of their own home and I will do visits.

Now offering overnight pet sitting in your home on a limited basis.

Attend-A-Pet does not offer boarding at this time.

Attend-a-Pet is also insured, bonded and certified in pet first aid and CPR for your peace of mind. 

I will do everything I can to exceed your expectations. I know they're not just pets....they're family members. If your like me, I know how hard it is to leave their care to someone else. That's where your professional pet sitter can help. Your pet(s) will bond with me and before long consider me one of the family. They will stay comfortably in their home where I will do visits. Many pet parents refer to me as "Aunt Sally" and often tell me when they arrive home, it is like they never left. They say it is so so nice to come home and find their pets so happy and content, acting just like themselves. And no matter what time of day they arrive home, their pets are there waiting for them. 

So why impose on friends and family to care for your pets, who may just be doing it to be nice. Or hire the kid next door who is unlikely to recognize signs of illness or a need for extra attention. 

Hire a professional who loves her job and is always there for your pets. They are my number one priority. It will give you peace of mind. Your pets will love you for it.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, I"m sure you'll be happy working with me. Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me at 

920-839-5505 or

Bandit Welcomes You to Attend-A-Pet

 Below are some pictures of my past and present family members. 


BANDIT and our (or should I say his) new girl JESSIE JAMIE



Maggie's (center) owner went into assisted living, so we are caring for  her and taking her to visit him.


To the left is my spokespuppy, Bandit, which you may have already met in the above video. He is just the sweetest boy, always ready to lend a helping nose.

Below is my niece Madison's rabbit, Bugs. He is a hurricane Katrina survivor all the way from Mississippi. My brother and his family came to stay with us during that time. They all went back home and Bugs stayed.


Above is my cockatiel Sandman.

He was found walking on the beach at Newport State park. Hence his name. Tried to find the owner with no luck. Only meant to foster him..well here it is 16 yrs. later. I guess he's staying.

Below in loving memory of my last two smoothies Magic and Dakota. A true Love affair.


Above is a picture of my dog Rufus and my husbands dog Freedom. We had them when we first started dating. Not only did we like each other, the dogs hit it off too!! 

Rufus (on the left) was left to fend for himself in an apartment when the tenants were evicted. A friend of mine rescued him and asked me if I could foster him. I took him in. He was an older dog and the first week all he did was pace and cry. I felt so sorry for him. How awful to be abandoned by your family. I decided he was home and never to be left again. He was a faithful companion for 9 years.

Freedom was 7 weeks old when she fell asleep in my husbands arms after he asked to see her at the humane society. No way was she going back into that cage. She lived 15 1/2 years, first his, and then our wonderful girl.


Above in loving memory of Poco. He just loved to drink out of the dogs bowl, even though he had his own.


Above in loving memory of my pygmy goat, Bonita. She was found walking along a busy highway in Appleton, WI.

I adopted her from a German Shepherd rescue who took her in.  


Left was my first smooth coated collie Hunter. If you look real close you will see his little buddy on his back. They were great friends. I had the joy of sharing my life with Hunter for over 14 yrs. His little buddy died unexpectedly at an early age.

And then came Mysty below. She was Hunter's half sister. Same Mom different Dad. She passed on at age 14. A real cutie as sweet as could be.

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